About Me v2.0

tldr: I like games, and will post about them. The posts may or may not also be related to Kickstarter, and may or may not be political.

I am a cis het white man (he/him) who’s opinions aren’t great, but I might link you to someone who’s is. The main point of this blog is to signal boost creative projects who deserve more coverage, and hopefully you enjoy sticking around for the other shit I post.

I love video games. They have grown from a past time to a passion of mine, and I have been fascinated by the potential breadth and diversity of the video game industry since my childhood. From a hobby to a love, from a marketable industry to an art, video games can be so many things to so many people. As an industry and an art form, this medium is relatively new and I believe that we haven’t seen the best of it yet.

Where video games meet crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter is what most interests me. Here we see the developer regain artistic control and the public creating the demand organically. I will be covering mostly Kickstarter funded games, but I try to keep an eye out on other crowdfunding websites as well.

Video games are not the only games that I am interested in, and you might find articles unrelated to games altogether. Variety is nice.

Finally, I will not shy away from how politics affect video games, and will actively monitor comments to create a safe and inviting place for people to express their non-vitriolic opinions.