Kickstarter Project of the Week 8/27 – 9/2 (and also I’m back…again)

As you may have noticed, I have fallen off the wagon again. I love Kickstarter. I love independent developers/creators, and I love perusing Kickstarter to find some of the best creative projects out there. However, I keep holding myself to such a high standard that I have a hard time maintaining, so I’ve come up with a possible solution. I will keep these posts limited to just one project per. I’ll outline the best singular project I saw that week and if I happen to find others I might list them off, but not go into too much detail. You might be thinking to yourself that I have never gone into too much detail, and that is certainly true, but I only started blogging a year and a half ago, and am still trying to find what works for me. With that aside, I hope you can stay with me while I do my best to pay tribute to some of the best creative projects I find.

This weeks most eye catching project is…

*Champions of Harachampions of hara 1

This is a semi rogue-like co-operative adventure board game for 2-4 players. Alongside some gorgeous artwork is a set of unique hero characters that you will customize throughout the game as they increase in level. You take on one of several baddies and scenarios, as you traverse the different worlds in the game map. Also included are a solo variant and even an arena-like versus mode. This game has actually come to Kickstarter once before, where it raised $22,355 USD from its original goal of $15,000 USD just last month (August 2017). The games vision has changed slightly, and so they have come back to raise a bit more money for higher quality parts and an expansion that increases the number of allowed players as well as including different baddies and scenarios. This time on Kickstarter the project has raised around  $45,000 USD from its goal of $20,000 USD and continues to rise with 24 days still remaining to pledge. The creators of Champions of Hara, Greenbriar Games, has had 5 successful Kickstarter projects before including a couple card games and some other miniatures-based adventure board games. With this in mind I have no doubt that this game will not only come to fruition, but be a fairly fun game to play.

champions of hara 2

It certainly has some unique mechanics and gorgeous art that I hope are worth its asking pledge of $60 USD (not including shipping). I highly recommend you check out their project page and make the decision for yourself!

Other projects worth a mention:

*The ‘BOY/BYE’ Project – a small line of products celebrating women of color created by women of color collaborating with a non-profit art collective

The King’s Guild – a board game about building the best guild in the land using resource management and smart strategies

*The Iron Oath – an incredible looking turn-based strategy game with gorgeous pixel art

* = I have back this project


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