Kickstarter (Bi)Weekly Spotlight 4/9 – 4/22

Here’s a look at all the most interesting Kickstarter gaming projects from the weeks of April 9th through April 22nd. I took a week off, so here’s a two week summary of the most notable projects.

This game pits you against up to three other proto-lifeforms in a battle to see who can become the most advanced organism. The amount of depth this game goes into is really astonishing. There are even alternate options for players who go extinct early on, as you can become a parasite and live inside the other players’ organisms. If you’re searching for a smart game with tons of aspects to keep you interested, check out the Bios Genesis Kickstarter project page for more info. Just $39 USD will get you the whole game, so jump on it!

Current funds: $85,583 USD
Funding Goal: $7,900 USD
Project End Date: May 10th 2017

Bridges to Nowhere is a competitive but also calming card game. You and your opponent take turns laying bits of bridge down in varying arrangements in order to get the maximum points for number of cards used, number of bridges, etc. Accompanied by very nice artwork, this game looks like one to be played over and over again. To get a copy of this game, just pledge $12 USD.

Current funds: $18,673 USD
Funding Goal: $4,300 USD
Project End Date: May 11th 2017

Eagle Islandeagle island

Another metroidvania comes to Kickstarter, but this one is what you didn’t know you needed. That’s right, an owl tamer and his magical owl friend are out to find his other magical own friend. Alongside well-crafted pixel art, this game actually does look fun to play. If you’re at all fatigued by the amount of metroidvania-styled games coming out, this may not be for you. But if you’re just ready for it to be done right, maybe this is worth waiting for. Pledge £10 ($12 USD) to get your hands on the game once it’s out of development.

Current funds: £5,748 ($7,134 USD)
Funding Goal: £20,000 ($25,613 USD)
Project End Date: May 15th 2017

I’ve seen a fair share of CCGs hit Kickstarter, and they always seem very fun, but also difficult to pick up. Forged Realms circumvents that by making the game very attractive in other ways. The game costs $15 USD for 2 copies of all the cards needed, so you can start playing right away. The game features unique gameplay such as simultaneous turns, that can make it stand out from the competition. On top of it all, the artwork for the cards is really good, so there are many things this game has going for it. If you could always use another dueling card game, head on over and check it out!

Current funds: $6,728
Funding Goal: $3,500
Project End Date: May 20th 2017

Here are some super cool miniatures to use for your sci-fi tabletop adventures. Three separate fleets with five different models of ships each. You can buy them individually or as a set, so check them out!

Current funds: $2,533 USD
Funding Goal: $1,500 USD
Project End Date: April 30th 2017

The Sheet is a good idea, but its design has a bit too much presence for my taste. It basically allows you your own transparent dry erase board to keep track of anything you need during your game. This could be incredibly handy for keeping track of hp, mana, spells the sheet 1cast, inventory usage, combat strategies, etc. Also, this transparent sheet is affixed to a dice tray with plenty of room for many dice. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a version with a sleeker look and a lower profile dice tray, but it looks like it would do a great job for what it is. The Sheet will cost you $29 USD to get it unpainted, with the painted variation going for ten bucks more.

Current funds: $1,724 USD
Funding Goal: $2,500 USD
Project End Date: May 23rd 2017

If any of these projects pique your interest, I highly recommend checking them out for yourself. Even backing a project at a $1 level helps to encourage the creators to continue their dream and gets them that much closer to their goal.

Also keep in mind that the numbers representing the “Current Funds” are taken at the time just before this was posted, and do not reflect an up to date representation of the current funds.

*=Projects that I have backed


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