Kickstarter Weekly Spotlight 4/2 – 4/8

Here’s a look at all the most interesting Kickstarter gaming projects from the week of April 1st through April 8th. A few video games and some rpg gear will help you through this week. It’s time for another breakdown, here we go.

Bringing immersion to a new level, Gametee has made what may be the most immersive tool for tabletop roleplayers yet. This leather binding houses everything you need to keep track of all your roleplaying adventures in style. Choose from one of four variations of premium leather bindings and get room for several notepads, pens/pencils, and pouches for anything else you may need. At £50 ($63 USD), you get your choice of one of the four unique designs.

Current funds: £71,466 ($91,209 USD)
Funding Goal: £7,500 ($9,279 USD)
Project End Date: April 30th 2017

Taking deck-building to a new level, Hardback has you buy letters to be able to build words, which allow you to in turn buy more letters. Simple to pick up, difficult to master–this game just adds a bunch of little mechanics that really add some spice to the general scrabble-meets-deckbuilding theme it has going. Sailing way past its initial funding goal, Hardback has picked up a few stretch goals, and at $27 USD, you can get a hold of this game and all the stretch goals as well!

Current funds: $121,589 USD
Funding Goal: $20,000 USD
Project End Date: April 26th 2017

Dark Souls in space, what more needs to be said. This game seems to be made by industry veterans who really know what they’re doing. Set in a very grim sci-fi world, you must fight your way through hordes of tactically challenging baddies to find the answers you seek. Backing this project at $24 CA ($18 USD) will get you the full game on release.

Current funds: $11,197 CA ($8,818 USD)
Funding Goal: $50,000 CA ($37,290 USD)
Project End Date: May 9th 2017

Looking to spice up your roleplaying campaign with some interesting pre-written stories? Look no further than Sly Flourish’s Fantastic Adventures. This small manual contains 10 different adventures for characters levels 2-5 to be used with 5th ed. For $15 USD, you can get a pdf of this book to be able to add a little extra to your dungeoneering.

Current funds: $11,808 USD
Funding Goal: $4,000 USD
Project End Date: May 2nd 2017

Drawing from the nostalgia of 90’s puzzle games, Super Plexis is likely to scratch that Tetris itch. Borrowing from classic puzzlers like Yoshi’s cookie, Wario’s Woods or Meteos, this game pits you against another player in a competitive match to see who can drown the other in blocks. This game also has a single player mode and beautiful pixel art to offer as well. Fortunately, this will be a free to play game, but you can secure extra content for backing at the appropriate tier.

Current funds: $1,556 USD
Funding Goal: $6,000 USD
Project End Date: May 6th 2017

Unimo is a unique take on UNO, where the different colors are “worlds” the special cards are “attacks”, and each number is actually a monster. Unimo adds a few new game mechanics such as battles, and the introduction of 1 color per player. This all adds up to an easy to learn card game that’s a fun twist on a beloved classic. Get your copy by pledging at the 150 SEK ($17 USD) tier.

Current funds: 64,630 SEK ($7,161 USD)
Funding Goal: 100,000 SEK ($11,024 USD)
Project End Date: May 8th 2017

If any of these projects pique your interest, I highly recommend checking them out for yourself. Even backing a project at a $1 level helps to encourage the creators to continue their dream and gets them that much closer to their goal.

Also keep in mind that the numbers representing the “Current Funds” are taken at the time just before this was posted, and do not reflect an up to date representation of the current funds.

*=Projects that I have backed


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