Kickstarter Weekly Spotlight 7/24-7/30

Here’s a look at all the most interesting Kickstarter gaming projects from the week of July 24th through July 30th. There was only one gaming and one non-gaming project really worth mentioning this week.┬áIf you found any interesting projects that aren’t on my list, please send them in or mention them in the comments section. Now we proceed to the good stuff.

TROVE – The Tabletop Gaming Subscription Boxtrove

This is the only gaming project that really stuck out to me. It is a quarterly (not monthly) subscription service that sends you tabletop board game and roleplaying game content from indie developers around the world. Much like Loot Crate, you pay ahead of time and receive a box in the mail filled with various board game, card game or tabletop rpg type stuff. If you’ve done some research on subscription services that might have similar content, you might know about MytHoard or possibly Dungeon Crate or RPG Crate from cratejoy. This project seems similar to those, but only ships 4 times out of the year, is thrice as expensive, and can be tailored to your interests. The company putting this together is also looking to be not for profit, so it could be worth checking out. For their first full crate of goodies, you’re looking at pledging around $158 USD after shipping.

Non-gaming projects:

ticwatchTicwatch 2: The Most Interactive Smartwatch

My pick of the week of interesting Kickstarter projects goes to the Ticwatch 2. This smart watch appears to be one of the most capable of any smart watch out there. You can answer calls, get notifications, search google, text, monitor your fitness habits, and of course check the time. All this, and it is just $139 (before shipping) if you act quickly. Seeing as I paid $109 for the Pebble 2, this appears to be one hell of a deal. I highly suggest checking this out if you’re in the market for a capable smart watch.

If any of these projects pique your interest, I highly recommend checking them out for yourself. Even backing a project at a $1 level helps to encourage the creators to continue their dream and gets them that much closer to their goal.

*=Projects that I have backed


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