Kickstarter Weekly Spotlight 7/10-7/16

Here’s a look at all the most interesting Kickstarter gaming projects from the week of July 10th through July 16th. There were a lot of projects this week, but only a few of them caught my eye. Mostly tabletop RPGs in the mix today, so let’s get started.


Coriolis is a sci-fi tabletop RPG that takes place in a star cluster rich with history, and rife with conflict. This lends itself to giving the players many things to do, and allows the player’s many options for their character’s personal history, goals and ambitions. This game is also being made by the creators of Mutant: Year Zero, which as far as I can tell has gotten largely positive reviews. All of these things alongside a silver ENnie award winning system could make for an interesting sci-fi experience. At around $50 USD (with shipping) for a physical copy (a PDF copy is available for less), you might be able to get a hold of a very unique product by backing this project.

martiansMartians: A Story of Civilization

From the creators of Lord of Ice Garden and Achaia comes a resource management and worker placement board game about colonizing mars. This game can be played single player or multiplayer, cooperatively or competitively with up to four players. The goals of the game change depending on how you choose to play, but generally you are looking to fully outfit your martian colony with enough resources to survive, or gain more reputation than your opponent(s). If you are a fan of resource management games, this one seems to hit some good notes with balancing your people and resources opposed to negating the effects of the harsh environment. Picking this game up costs about $59 USD (with shipping) which is a pretty average price for most board games these days.

The Taylahtaylah

Another board game table comes to Kickstarter. This one being a little bit cheaper, and in my opinion much more versatile than one I mentioned a couple weeks back. The Taylah sports, aside from its terrible name, a variety of add-ons to make it fit just about any gamer’s needs. It can come with panels to double as a dining room table, removable cupholders and even a transparent acrylic sheet to accommodate drawing maps on for tabletop rpgs or miniature based games. Something to be aware of is that there are a couple versions of the table shown on the project page, and they are not selling the version with the built-in arm rests. Instead they have opted to add in rubber pads to put on the table, which you would have to put on and take off to convert it to the dining table format. I think this will ultimately hurt the campaign, as the built-in arm rests gave it a higher quality look. However, if you are okay with this new look, then this seems like a solid gaming table. For just $499 USD (plus $50-$90 USD for shipping), you can get this table when and if the project meets its goal.


Unity represents something I have a deep interest in. This is a tabletop roleplaying game created by people who have a passion for finding out exactly what makes this form of gaming unique. This system is built around crafting immersive stories as a group where no player feels left out. Even some staples of the genre have been eschewed like GM dice rolling, miniatures and grid-based combat in favor of a more natural feeling story progression. The races of the game seem to be a bit lackluster, and the little history of the world that has been shown can err on the side of trite. However, the almost wholly modular rule set focused on great stories makes this game easily worth your time. The $57 USD pledge tier (with an additional $15-16 USD for shipping) will get you a physical copy of the book, so I would suggest to get the pdf at a lower pledge level if you’re interested.

If any of these projects pique your interest, I highly recommend checking them out for yourself. Even backing a project at a $1 level helps to encourage the creators to continue their dream, and gets them that much closer to their goal.

*=Projects that I have backed


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