A Quick Look: Hyper Light Drifter

From the moment you start the game, it reaches out and pulls you into a world rich withHyperLightDrifter history, evoking unadulterated discovery around every turn. From the outset, you begin exploring this seemingly ancient world, and every new element adds to the sense that you earn everything you learn about this place. NPCs in the game speak in pictures, which leads you to learn for yourself what they truly mean. When you encounter hostile enemies, they are unforgiving, and will attack you while you are down. When you finally defeat a boss enemy, it feels like you’ve gone through hell to do so, and have somehow beaten the odds. Usually games with steep learning curves are not my favorite. I lack an investment to really want to do something difficult just to say I have. In Hyper Light Drifter, I am quite invested in the story and push myself to learn the ins and outs of my enemies to further my understanding of this world. 20160403143104_1The gorgeous art style of this game has me staring at backdrops in awe, and gets me excited to find whats around the corner. The music surrounds and isolates the player as you trudge your way through this mysterious land. All this helps to create a very unique experience that is so like and yet very unlike many video games you might have played. All in all, I highly recommend Hyper Light Drifter to any of you who might be searching for an escape to a beautiful, dangerous world to explore.

Hyper Light Drifter was released on March 31st, 2016 and is available on PC, Mac and Linux.


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