Five More Kickstarter Funded Games I’d Like to See in 2016

Five games wasn’t enough. The machine of games development has a few more in the works that, if we’re lucky, we’ll see before the end of the year.

6. Night in the WoodsNight in the Woods

Night in the Woods is reminiscent of many children’s books with a paper-cutout art style and a soundtrack that makes it feel like a grand adventure. You play as a cat called Mae that comes back home after dropping out of college to find some strange things happening in her hometown. It seems to be a mystery that revolves around the nearby woods. This game’s Kickstarter started on October 23, 2013 and received$209,375 of its $50,000 funding goal. I am excited to play this very unique game, and be sucked into its surreal atmosphere. The Developer, Infinite Fall, claims the game will be out this year and I can’t wait.

The Girl and the Robot7. The Girl and the Robot

The Girl and the Robot is a cute 3D adventure puzzle game being developed by Flying Carpets Games. You play as a young girl who has been held captive in a castle by an evil queen who breaks out and, with the aid of a robot, finds out the mystery to the castle, and escapes. With quoting inspiration from the Legend of Zelda and Studio Ghibli, it is easy to see that this would be a fun game to play. This game’s Kickstarter campaign started October 29, 2013, and got $38,033 of its $15,000 goal. According to the developers, they are in the last stages of development, which hopefully means we will see a 2016 release.

8. Paradise Lost: First ContactParadise Lost

Sometimes I see pixel art style games that really blow me away with the amount of detail they can convey with such a simple medium. I may be biased, as I really love pixel art and
how it has grown into its own niche art form, but Paradise Lost: First Contact by Asthree Works has astoundingly beautiful visuals. Aside from this, the idea of playing as an alien trying to escape a scientific laboratory has a certain draw as well. Just everything I have seen about this game makes me want to play it more. The Kickstarter started on November 1, 2013 and was pledged $144,960 of its $70,000 funding goal. It’s not clear if the game is close to completion, but I wouldn’t mind having to put this on my list for next year, if the devs need the time.

Rain World9. (Project) Rain World

Rain World takes place in a post apocalyptic industrialized setting which is lovingly crafted with minimalist pixel graphics reminiscent of Nidhogg. You play as Slugcat, a weasel-like cat creature who needs to survive its predators, hunt for food and avoid the deadly rain. The gameplay looks very difficult despite its cute minimal aesthetic, but draws me in with gorgeous lighting and environmental art. This game’s Kickstarter began on January 12, 2014 and got $63,255 from its $25,000 funding goal. According to the updates from the two man dev team of Joar Jakobsson and James Primate, the game is on the final stretch of development, so we might get to see it sometime this year.

10. OmoriOmori

If the success of Undertale wasn’t enough to persuade you that there is a passion and demand for an Earthbound-like successor, then the success of the Kickstarter campaign for Omori ought to. Starting on April 21, 2014, Omori amassed $203,300 from its original funding goal of $22,000. This game certainly does look unique with its pastel palette and surreal atmosphere. I am excited to see what the development team has been able to accomplish with RPG Maker. We’ll have to see when it comes out whether it lives up to the large amount of support it got on Kickstarter or not.


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