IndieBox, Bringing Physical Goods Back to the Digital Age of Gaming

As a PC gamer (aside from Nintendo), I don’t get physical goods with the games I play. And with backing games on Kickstarter, you usually have to dish out a serious amount of cash to get a physical copy of the game. Nevertheless a t-shirt or art book.

AV IndieBox.png
Axiom Verge given the IndieBox treatment

Enter IndieBox. For a monthly subscription fee of $24.99 ($28.99 after shipping and handling), you can get a DRM-free copy of that months indie game as well as some exclusive collectible items including a physical copy of the soundtrack and a physical instruction booklet. For those of you who might like to collect the whole package unopened, they even put a steam code for the game on the outside of the box as well.
This is an awesome service that even entices someone like me who is constantly moving away from physical gaming products (118 games in Steam library) to spend some extra dosh to show how much I love indie games. Games that have gotten the IndieBox treatment include Rogue Legacy, Luftrausers, Steam World Dig, Axiom Verge, Nuclear Throne among others.

If I don’t subscribe to IndieBox, I might find myself tracking down copies of the IndieBoxed games I most cherish later on.


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